Ticking time bomb

When I am stressed, like, to my extreme, I get a high, very high dosage of anxiety. I also get antsy, disorderly, angry, and stressed due to the demands of studying, final exams, lack of support at home, and home dynamics. Sigh.

I need to take yoga, or learn how to take relaxation breathing courses. I hate the feelings finals bring on me. So much anxiety.

I have to leave in 2 minutes to pick up babe. But tell me why, I am SO stressed, I was hungry, came home to cook (although I did not want to, nor had time to)… I rushed the cooking, ate some kimchi, got tired of it, tried the yaki miki i cooked, and got tired after having to chew. I wanted to just swallow it. That’s how anxious and angry I was. I not only flipped out on my mom, everything in the kitchen too. I ate yogurt since I didnt’ have to chew it, and got disgusted and wanted to throw up. I wanted to eat pico de gallo, which I took a few bites of, but lost appeal. 

Sigh. So much anxiety in me right now. I am anxiously waiting for the exams tomorrow. I pray I don’t fail my exam tomorrow. If not, I am doomed. Which trigger me back to depression. FML.

I need a Christ-centered approach to life—and I’ve lacked that for a while now. 

*Takes a deep breath*

Still waiting to exhale

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